We utilize an all-encompassing, patient oriented approach, as most patients rarely have one single symptom or causative factor.  In looking at the whole patient with a comprehensive medical evaluation and in depth physiologic testing, we are readily able to identify problem areas and initiate therapy that will provide maximal effect and improvement in symptomology. 

                                     The stimulated Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program

                                                            It is non-surgical

                                                             No side effects

Uses Advanced Computerized Technology to prepare and guide an individualized treatment regimen

                                                      It is highly successful

                                Provides additional pathways for education in colorectal health

Many women find it difficult to tell whether they are doing Kegel excercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles correctly or not.  InTone is the only device on the market today that provides this for you. InTone solves bladder leakage by utilizing several patented muscle stimulation algorithms, active resistance and biofeedback to dramatically increase muscle strength in the pelvic floor. For more information on the InTone device visit www.InControlmedical.com.


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